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Home Events Enabling Trading and Sharing of Energy in a Community in Nigeria

Enabling Trading and Sharing of Energy in a Community in Nigeria

Q Energy was kickstarted in 2018 with a vision of building clean energy communities of the future using a data-driven approach. By operating a local energy market, we enable customers to access cheaper green energy, while also giving extra income for customers selling excess solar energy to their community. We achieve this by using our QEnergy platform for monitoring & controlling assets such as smart meters, advanced solar PV installation, and Li-ion battery storage to deliver savings for the community.

Q Energy has also been leading many ground-breaking projects that aim to change the way we think about energy. One such project is Project ‘Nigeria Intelligent Clean Energy Marketplace’ (NICE), as part of the UK Government Initiative, Q Energy has developed an innovative smart energy trading platform that helps users reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Hence replicating this in Nigeria to improve the existing energy infrastructure has been a key focus of our company.

Due to this, a local presence and operation were necessary to test the efficiency of this platform in Nigeria. This kickstarted Project NICE which is led by Q Energy with partners – VAYA Energy (Nigerian renewable energy company) and Manchester Metropolitan University (a leading research institute in smart grids and Peer to Peer Energy Trading). The £660,000 UK-Nigeria energy catalyst initiative – Project NICE, created an energy trading platform (NICE™ Platform) for the local communities in Abuja, Nigeria.

The Capital Science Academy in Abuja has been provided with a mix of solar PV and battery storage to serve them which was connected to the neighboring community of which 9 houses were provided with a mix of solar PV and battery systems, with few houses acting as the load. This provided clean, 24/7 reliable and cheap energy for both the school and the local community. Based on the successful outcome, the system will be extended further by adding the rest of the school buildings and about 100 houses from the neighboring community.

The marketplace created by the NICE™ Platform enables consumers with renewable energy assets to generate income while trading excess energy with the neighboring community houses. This also enables the community households to purchase clean energy at a cheaper tariff compared to the grid tariff thereby getting access to 24/7 reliable energy.

Q Energy aims to replicate this proven model throughout Nigeria to empower the Nigerian communities and further enhance the living standards of the Nigerian people.

Please join us to find out about the real-world impact of our research in energy management, how it spans the breadth of modern engineering and the ways in which a variety of businesses of different sizes can collaborate with us.

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Oct 07 2021


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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